Thursday, September 13, 2012


THE RESULTS ARE IN! Each contestant got an entry for each picture they submitted and for any votes they may have received. Today we selected a random winner from those entries. (No member of my immediate family was included in the drawing. I figure I give them enough stuff as it is.)

THE WINNER IS: ALISON T!! She received a silver bracelet with a starfish/heart charm dangler.

Thanks everyone for your fun entries! And always remember: if you're going to have a Reality Check, you may as well have a fun one!


WHERE DID YOU HAVE YOUR REALITY CHECK?? Check out the fun photos below:

                                  A. I have a feeling this is exactly how he got Pinocchio too.

                                   B. I was in a fantasyland when I had my Reality Check.

C. Mouse approved

D. Being married to Homer ought to be enough of a Reality Check. But, no.

E. Um, you're Reality Check is about to bounce . . .

F. Can I use my lifeline?

G. Reality Check Beatles Style: Even meanies get Reality Checks . . .

H. Having a dental Reality Check up.

I. What's hotter? Thai food or Reality Check on Kindle Fire?

J. Some Reality Checks are more fun than others.

K. If he's looking for iambic pentameter he's really in for a Reality Check.

L. Being a first time mom, this is now my Reality Check.

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